Alternatives for Adsense 2019:, Adsterra

Whenever you’ve decided to make money through a blog, you’d find many options. One of the main sources is Google Adsense. You can easily apply for it, as you already know that before Adsense there is a word written which is Google and from past many years, Google is known to be the synonym of Trust. By the brand name of Google, you can easily rely on it. But there are many Alternatives for Adsense 2019, and in this blog, I’m going to give you that brief review.

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How to setup Google Adsense for your Blog

By this big brand name and reliability Google is very strict with there rules and regulations. So you can’t get easy approval for your  Website until you fulfill their Policy Rules.

Apart from this Adsense, there are many Ad showing portals by which you can easily apply for Ads, and earn a very huge amount of Revenue.

1. is a contextual ad network, which means that it hosts advertisements based on the context of the page. For example, if you are running ads on your page about dogs, your readers will be seeing advertisements related to dogs and dogs products. Similarly, a page about cameras will have ads related to cameras and photography accessories.

Activation time2-3 days
Minimum payout100$
Payout MethodPayoneer

2. Propeller Ads:

These Ads is a perfect solution for bloggers looking to monetize their blog or network of blogs. Propeller Ads offer various ad types:

  • PopUnder
  • Native Direct Ads
  • Interstitial mobile ads
  • Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile
  • Banner advertising for all standard size
  • Push notification ads
Activation time1-2 days
Minimum payout5$
Payout Methodpaypal, payoneer, ePayments and webmoney

3. Pop Ads:

PopAds is one of the most prominent and efficient ad networks in the world of affiliate marketing. It has built up an impeccable reputation since it was established in 2010 and has been a leader on the market since then.

Activation time12-24 hours
Minimum payout5$
Payout Methodwire transfer, paypal

4. Infolinks:

Infolinks ads are not traditional display ads that other networks such as Google AdSense might serve. Rather, the intent of Infolinks ads is to combat the end user’s banner blindness by introducing less prevalent ad units that are better integrated into the website’s content. Infolinks’ inFrame, inSearch, inTag, and inText units are designed to do just that.

Activation time24 hours
Minimum payout50$
Payout Methodpaypal

5. Adsterra:

Adsterra is a premium advertising network which is serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month. It’s also a publishing platform for bloggers and webmasters who want to earn money by placing their ads.

Adsterra was launched in 2013 and since then it has grown to a large extent. Just look at the numbers below to know its popularity.

  • 10 billion impressions per month
  • 20K successful campaigns
  • 190 Geos covered
  • 6000K leads last month
Activation time2-3 days
Minimum payout100$
Payout Methodpaypal, bitcoin, payoneer, wire transfer.


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