Google Adsense for WordPress Blog: Step by Step Guide

We all started blogging journey in our lives by thinking of one dream which is to make money, get some appreciation and many more. And make revenue from it is one of the main motto of our blogging career. There are many portals by which you can make a good amount of penny and in some cases and based upon your capability anyone can easily make thousands of Dollars. Here is our Today’s article we would give you Steps to apply Google Adsense for WordPress.

Google Adsense is known to be the premium Ad Distributing Portal for Bloggers, YouTubers, and much more online money making peoples. It is one of the leading Hub by using which you can make revenue in a very large amount. Here are some steps by which you can get easy approval of Adsense in your Website or Blog.

First, before applying for Google Adsense you have to maintain a Good Website with having some particular things should be there for that you can read our Article for detailed Information.

Step 1: Sign Up for Adsense

First, click on this link and go to Adsense Home page and Sign Up by clicking Signing Up

Earn more by Google Adsense for WordPress

Step 2: Add site to your Adsense

After Signing Up provide your Website URL after clicking the Add Site button and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Paste the HTML code to your Website

In the Next Procedure, you’ve to paste the HTML code to your Website for that Copy the whole HTML code. Open your website Code Editor for that Click Dashboard>Appereance>Theme Editor

Step 4:

Go to the Right Sidebar and find Theme Header

Step 5: Submit the Whole Process

In the given HTML code find </head> and place the code inside that tag.

Note: If you can’t able to find </head> tag click Ctrl+F and type </head> and press Enter.

Step 6: Done, you are Good to go.

Then go back to Adsense site and click Done after pasting the code.

Congratulations you’ve Done your part of Applying for Adsense now wait for 24 hours or so and you’ll get to know about your Adsense application. I Hope that you get approval as soon as possible.

Hope you all are satisfied with this blog on Google Adsense for WordPress. All the best for your Blogging journey.

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