How to save the Rainforests from illegal loggers?

How to save the Rainforests

In the summer of 2011, Tropher White visited a rainforest name Borneo. After a five minute walk, he saw that illegal logging is happening in front of him, it’s just happening 100 m away from the Ranger station. Rangers even not heard the voice of illegal loggers because the rainforest is very loud and noisy. The percentage of deforestation is very high. In the below para you get to know How to Save the Rainforests.

How to save the rainforests from the Device?

The 90% of logging is legal login which is happening in the rainforest. So that Tropher White made a device which can catch the sound of illegal logging which is happening in the rainforest and it can alert the Rangers to catch them. This device is all about real-time which can inform the Rangers to catch the legal loggers

He made a device with the old cell phone which people can throw the garbage. This device just needs an old cell phone and a box and solar panel. Now the rangers can saw the notices of illegal loggers from many kilometres far from the ranger station.

This device is very good because it gives real-time information to the Ranger station.

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