YouTube Music app users can switch b/n audio or video

Now, YouTube Music app users have a new update to their music streaming experience. Google officially owned service announced that they are adding a new feature to the app. It can let users seamlessly switch associated with between a song and the official music video.

While you hitting a button at the top of the screen the switchover has been made. The switchover let users alternate between ‘Song’ and ‘Video’. If you want the video resumes from the same point in the track, The users can return to the song right from where the video is left off. It has been said by YouTube that the switch does not disturb.

The experience is very good and precisely works over five million official music videos and their audio tracks too. They also ensure that there is no problem in that transition. If someone does not want to have the option to watch music videos, then turned on the “Don’t play music videos” option in the settings.

YouTube Music was launched in the last year of May. The advantages are the streaming service boasts of is the varied catalogue of music videos, music covers, singles, and remixes. Those advantages are not present in other services.

You can download the YouTube Music app from the Play Store or the App Store. This new feature is only available for Youtube Music Premium Subscription users.

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