YouTube Premium starts automatic downloads for videos

YouTube Premium is another new feature to make it more complex and also adding the web series for more usage of it. Youtube premium subscription allows users to watch videos in picture-in-picture mode or you can also listen to videos in the background and you can also download the videos to watch offline anytime. Now, they making it even possible to make these downloads automatically without pressing the download button.

As reported by Android Police, YouTube Premium users now see a banner asking them if they want to set up the automatic downloads for videos. You can choose an Interested and certain topic. You can simply download new videos from your subscribed channels.

The feature on YouTube Premium should make it easier for people to keep up with the latest Creators videos. It’s also similar to Netflix’s Smart Downloads. You can Download the Videos and watch for offline use. If you are not connected to the internet you can watch it without internet or offline.

It’s not clear that currently, this feature is rolling out to everyone or not. This service is limited to certain regions or users. They’ve reached out to Google for clarification for the Automatic download video for offline video.

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