Affiliate marketing with Amazon Step-By-Step 2019

You want to know how you can earn more than $3000/ month. You can earn money through Affiliate marketing with Amazon. Amazon Has an Affiliate marketing with Amazon program which gives you Commission Through their every selling product Through your affiliate link.

How we can earn more than $5000/month from creating affiliate links?

Just create your website and write blogs and paste these affiliate links in your blog’s niche. Whenever someone buys from these links you’ll get a commission of more than 10% of that product from Amazon. It’s not very complex but it’s very simple.

1. Visit the Amazon Associates Home Page

Now create your Amazon associate account

STEP 1 visit the Amazon Associates home page and click join now for free

STEP 2 you can also create your Amazon affiliate account on your existing Amazon account.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon

2. Now Build your Amazon Associates Profile

Enter your account information this includes the name address phone number and the payee

3. Now enter your web address

Affiliate marketing with Amazon

4. Now enter your preferred Store ID

Now explain what your website all about and what you gonna accomplish and Amazon topIc you are like links will likely target

5. Now give your website information about how you drive traffic to your site

Explain how you use your website to generate income. links and how many visitors come to your site and what’s your traffic to your website

6. Enter your phone number

Enter your phone number and press call now and wait for the immediate call from Amazon Amazon for 4 digit code ones that will complete your account will be approved

Affiliate marketing with Amazon

7. Choose your payment method

Once you enter your payment method, then proceed to your dashboard. start creating Amazon affiliate

You can create affiliate links of that product which is a match to your blog’s niche. This is the best way to create and earn thousands of dollars per via creating affiliate links.

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